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If Music Be The Fruit Of Life...

...then play on!

Our solutions for audio in the home range from world-class two channel reference level Hi-Fi to discreet, multiroom streamed wireless audio systems and solutions. They can all be controlled from your phone, iPad or Laptop making it quick and easy to enjoy your favourite tunes. With music libraries like Spotify, Tidal and iTunes at your finger tips every family member can have their own music in their own room. Or, when it's time for a party, every room can be synced together at the touch of a button!

The systems we specify are both flexible and easy to use. You don't have to be 'tech savvy' to enjoy them, all you need is a love of music! Our systems provide choice, convienience and stunning audio quality to any room in your home.

Connected, whole home sound.

Looking for a versatile wireless audio system that you can play in as many rooms as you want? Cinehome have the solution. 

Voice control, iphones and iPads have revolutionised the way we listen to music. Imagine a system that fits into your home, rather than dominating. Speakers that sound fantastic can be installed almost invisibly, electronics hidden away out of sight, different music playing in different rooms at the same time all with individual control and all at your fingertips.

The limit really is your imagination!

Studio Sound at Home

A high quality two channel Hi-Fi system should be an open window into the recording and will allow you to get totally lost in your favourite music, be it from vinyl, CD or streamed. 

We will specify, supply, install and calibrate a beautifully balanced system with low distortion and amazing dynamics. All seemlessly integrated.

The room in which a system lives plays a huge role acoustically in the final sound you will hear. We can perform discreete, aesthetic acoustic treatments to the space to reduce reverbations, improve timing, timbre and bass and allow the music to breathe. 

Get Lost In Beautiful Music

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