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Wether you’re looking to upgrade your TV to the latest technology, declutter and streamline the amount of boxes underneath your TV or simply improve your TV sound, Cinehome can provide and install a solution that will work each day, everyday.

There are a raft of confusing terms and technologies in the world of audio and video. We give a no-nonsense, honest opinion and will guide you through the myriad of options. We try not to talk too much about the specifications, preferring to explain the benefits of various technologies in a clear, understandable and accessible way.

Solutions can include a simple wall mounting of a flat panel TV, with no cabling on show, to more elaborate systems that are app controlled and integrate with the existing technology in your home.

Control at Your Fingertips...

Even the most elaborate and expensive home entertainment system can fall down with poorly designed control.

We can design and install your system to be operated by just a single remote control, or from your phone or iPad. Simply tap "Play A Movie" and the movie will start. Want to watch SKY TV? No problem, one single button will take you straight there. 

Say goodbye to your growing collection of remote controls and take control of your system. 

The Perfect Installation

Like all of our systems, a home audio/video system from Cinehome is designed to fit perfectly into any space, from big rooms to small rooms, reference quality to economically priced, even speakers that blend invisibly into a room or can sit outside in the rain.

We’d love to show you how we can help you enjoy your music and movies even more with the beauty and simplicity of an audio/video system designed just for you and your home.

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