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Bringing Music and Cinema Home

8th July 2020


The global pandemic has disrtupted life in every way imaginable. For music lovers, gigs, festivals & concerts have been cancelled or postponed & for movie loving cinema-goers, many new film releases have moved to streaming platforms or been put on hold. So, for a music and film lover, what are the options?

Listening to a favourite artist at home has really highlighted the need to have flexible, perhaps discreet and most importantly great sounding audio at home. Sound through a smartphone or a tablet can be a pretty underwhelming experience to put it mildly. Little or no bass, zero soundstage and tinny sound make for a pretty average experience compared to music played through a quality hi-fi system, whether that's two channel or multi-room played wirelessly throughout your home. It is absolutely possible to recreate the huge and enveloping sound we hear at a gig, concert or festival at home with some knowledge and expertise. This is what we do.

And it isn't just music-lovers who've been forced to change the way they stay connected to their passion. Regular cinema-going movie lovers have been forced to move to watching movies at home and recreating the cinema experience at home is our favoruite thing to do! We love creating discreet home cinemas & media rooms & we can design and engineer a home cinema that will put most local mutliplexes to shame. 

Maybe we can work together to give you great sound at home and an amazing home cinema? Give us a call or drop us an email. We'd love to explain our passion and give you great sound and an amazing cinema experience, at home.