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Coronavirus: wi-fi woes working from home..?!

20th May 2020


The global outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has highlighted even further the need to have stable, fast and dependable home networks and excellent wifi. Home working is now commonplace and online servies and platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams & Go To Meeting depend heavily on video bandwidth, requiring solid & stable internet connections and Wi-Fi.

In the UK, the nationwide lockdown has turned the way we work upside down. Working from home and home schooling has become mandatory for many people and families. This has meant that our internet connections have seen a huge increase in traffic throughout the day. Add into the mix the need to communicate with family and friends by video messaging services such as Whatsapp video, FaceTime and House Party so we can stay connected with our loved ones has caused huge strains on both our home networks and Wi-Fi. Add yet another layer of complication with our insatiable appetite for Netflix, streaming music and Amazon Prime and it's easy to see how many home networks are at breaking point. Quite literally!

If you've been suffering from frustrating buffering, dropouts and ever more slow and unreliable Wi-Fi, now could be the perfect time to give some thought to upgrading your home network. Our Wi-Fi & home networking solutions incorporate the latest technologies to ensure fast, reliable connections throughout the home. We only deliver robust solutions, with full home coverage to make the most of your broadband connection, including appropriate access control for guests and younger family members. With some careful thought and consideration, we can deliver always-on & solid Wi-Fi that actually works and perhaps most importantly, allows you to always stay connected with your loved ones across the world.

Give us a call or drop us an line at info@cinehome.co.uk and let's talk about how we can help rid you of your Wi-Fi woes and allow you to connect better.