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Fed up with your TV's sound ?

30th October 2019


Let's be honest, most modern TV's have great pictures but are really let down by the quality of their sound.

TV's have got thinner and thinner meaning the tiny speakers inside them simply don't have the space they need to produce anything like the punch, clarity and bass that would hugely improve precious, quality time spent watching Netfilx or YouTube, not to mention Britain's Got Talent and Strictly.

There is a solution for thin sound however. You may have heard of soundbars, soundbases and of course wireless speakers?  There are lots of options available and it can all look very confusing, which on first glance in most electrical retail stores it absolutely is: way too much jargon, meaningless specifications and sales talk. Result being that you walk out feeling more confused than you did when you walked in.

We recently completed an installation in a Grade II Listed Cambridgeshire for an avid sports-fan and lover of classical music, so sound was really important for this client. He wanted a discreet system that was flexible, looked and sounded great but most importantly was easy to use. We came up with a solution using a Samsung "The Frame" 4K HDR TV and some very stylish British KEF "LSX" stereo wireless speakers, tucked away inside adjacent bookcases. No cables on show to spoil the period home and all app controlled from a smart phone. 

So, if your TV is sounding a bit rubbish then drop us a line or give us a call. We'll listen and explain the whole sound thing simply and clearly.