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Sonos - brilliant sound anywhere

16th October 2019


We are frequently contacted by clients who have heard about music streaming from friends or family and want to know the simplest way of understanding the myriad of options and music streaming services available in a simple, jargon-free and clear way. 

Another concern that comes up again and again is that many clients simply don't want cables chasing into walls, or holes drilled around their homes to accomodate cabling and all the hassle (not to mention dust) involved. Well, there is a solution and the solution we often suggest is a wireless speaker system from SONOS.

SONOS were pretty much responsible, around fifteen years ago, for introducing the concept of playing music stored on a computer through a hi-fi or a standalone speaker in the home. The SONOS product range now includes a range of wireless speakers starting at £199, soundbars to enhance your TV sound and most recently a portable wireless and bluetooth speaker, "Move", that has a long battery life & doesn't mind getting wet, a necessity in the british climate!

SONOS incorporates virtually every music streaming service available, including Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music, Quboz, YouTube, Tidal & many more. Plus, you can choose from thousand of radio stations from around the world. We can explain the benefits of each individual music streaming service and advise which one might suit your musical taste best. The sound quality is brilliant, the SONOS app is easy to use and is really reliable (an absolute necessity!)

If you'd like to have a chat and get to know more about music streaming and wireless speakers from SONOS, please give us a call. We love talking streaming!