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Manufacturer: Puritan Audio Laboratories

Category: Mains Purifiers

  • Rebalances the AC sine wave removing DC component, preventing transformer buzz and allowing them to breath properly at full efficiency.

  • Six 15 Amp Outlets each with independent refilter stages for both common and differential mode disturbances avoiding cross contamination between connected equipment.

  • 52 cumulative stages of purification removes common and differential mode interference, enhancing clarity, staging and dynamics.

  • Equal resistance routing to all outputs realises full dynamic performance.

  • Integral earth management system inbuilt with cleansed ground and star earthing format further lowers the noise floor and further enhances clarity and dynamics.

  • Internal wiring silver plated OFC copper PTFE insulated.

  • Massive 30,000 amps of three dimensional surge protection

  • Rated Voltage 110-250v AC 50/60Hz

  • IEC Type C20 Input

  • Electrically and magnetically shielded casing.

  • Dimensions W430, D230, H110.

  • Manufactured in the UK

  • 5 Years Guarantee

  • Awarded a 6 Moons Blue Moon (reserved only for “outstanding” products of “rare excellence”).

  • Awarded “Product of the Decade” and “Publishers Choice”  by The Stereo Times