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Cinehome have Demonstration faciltiies to suit every client, from a luxurious, fabric-walled dedicated Home Cinema Space / Room, featuring Miller & Kriesel (M&K Sound) in-wall 150 series loudspeakers hidden behind a Screen Excellence Acoustically Transparent Projection Screen, M&K Sound IC95 in-ceiling loudspeakers all underpinned by the outstanding M&K Sound X10+ push-pull subwoofer. The system is powered by Anthem AV Amplification, in the form of an Anthem MRX-1140 Dolby Atmos Surround Sound Integrated AV Receiver. This is the the smaller of our two home cinema demonstration rooms & is an incredibly immersive and enveloping experience, featuring stunning levels of visceral, punchy bass, accurate room-corrected sound and stunning 4K HDR Projection, delivered by the excellent and affordable Epson LS12000B 4K HDR E-Shift Laser Projector.

In September 2023, we opened our second Home Cinema / Two Channel Hi-Fi / Media Room Space. This purpose-built space is fully equipped to demonstrate all the brands we sell, from Ascendo Audio, Perlisten Audio, Trinnov Audio and more. 

The space currently features two loudspeaker systems: 

System One: Ascendo Audio system, comprising of a bed layer of Ascendo Audio Passive 10 and Passive 6 on-wall loudspeakers and a height layer of on-ceiling Ascendo Audio Passive 6 Wedge Loudspeakers, all powered by Trinnov amplification and processing. We can demonstrate the Ascendo system with a pair of Ascendo SB12 Active Subwoofers or with a pair of Perlisten Audio D12S Subwoofers, subject to the client's requirements.

System Two: Perlisten Audio R and S Series Loudspeakers & subwoofers. We currently feature Perlisten Audio R5M Monitors, Perlisten Audio R5C Centre Speaker, Perlisten Audio R4B Bookshelf / Surround speakers and a pair of Perlisten Audio D12S Subwoofers. Any of the Perlisten Audio R or S Series Loudspeakers or subwoofer ranges can be demonstrated in this space by appointment.

Images in both cases are supplied coutesy of a stunning JVC NZ7 Laser Projector. 

This space is also designed to showcase two channel hi-fi systems from Lyngdorf Audio, Hegel Music systems, Amphion Loudspeakers & Emotiva & Primare Amplification. In fact any combination of products is possible due to the unique way the space has been designed.

We also have Amphion Loudspakers on permanent demonstration in a separate typical living room sized room, driven by stunning Hegel Music Systems Amplifiers.

Finally, also on permanent demonstration is a variety of Lyngdorf Audio discreet two channel hi-fi systems featuring Lyngdorf Audio on-wall loudspeakers and unique boundary woofers. These are amazingly compact, dynamic systems, featuring Lyngdorf Audio's proprietary room correction system, RoomPerfect. RoomPerfect will measure, correct & calibrate the negative impact your room is having on the sound you hear. The TDAI-1120 and TDAI-3400 Streaming Amplifiers are on permanent demonstration at Cinehome and we are proud to be Authorised UK Dealers for this ground-breaking music system and hi-fi company. 

We have a full suite of client facilities including EV charging and parking. 

Please contact us on 07584 552243 to arrange a demonstration and discuss your next two channel, hi-fi system upgrades, media or home cinema room requirements.  

We are open for demonstrations seven days a week at a time to suit you.