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Image for The new Anthem AV Receivers & AV Processors have landed...

The new Anthem AV Receivers & AV Processors have landed...

It's been a long wait, but finally the new range of Anthem AV Home Cinema Receivers & AV Processors have finally arrived. Cinehome were the very first UK dealer to receive their stock of the Anthem AVM-70 Processor and the Anthem MRX-740 AV Receiver. Better still, we have already delivered uni
Image for Lyngdorf Audio arrives...

Lyngdorf Audio arrives...

Following an extremely informative and interesting day spent looking at and listening to the Lyngdorf range of products, we have become authorised dealers for the amazing range of Lyngdorf Audio & Steinway Lyngdorf reference standard loudpeakers, home cinema and hi-fi systems  For fifteen ye
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Bringing Music and Cinema Home

The global pandemic has disrtupted life in every way imaginable. For music lovers, gigs, festivals & concerts have been cancelled or postponed & for movie loving cinema-goers, many new film releases have moved to streaming platforms or been put on hold. So, for a music and film lover, wh
Image for Coronavirus: wi-fi woes working from home..?!

Coronavirus: wi-fi woes working from home..?!

The global outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has highlighted even further the need to have stable, fast and dependable home networks and excellent wifi. Home working is now commonplace and online servies and platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams & Go To Meeting depend heavily on video ba
Image for Video Doorbells

Video Doorbells

Tired of missing important deliveries, or waiting at home for an order that never seems to come on time and wasting your day? Want to upgrade your home to next-level security and see who's there before you open the door? We have just the solution: a Ring Video Doorbell. Watch over your home in cr