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This beuatiful Garden room is a dual purpose space. One half is a home office for the clients to work efficiently in away from the main house and the other halfs features an M&K Sound on-wall loudspakers system comprmising of M&K Sound IW950 in wall loudspeakers, M&K Sound M40T on-wall surround loudspakers and M&K Sound IC95 in-ceiling Dolby Atmos loudspeakers. The visuals are provided by a stunning Epson LS12000 4K E-Shift Projector which displays image onto a Grandview Acoustically transparent screen hiding the M&K Sound loudpskares behind it. The audio system is powered by a Denon Dolby Atmos AVR. Lighting is via Philips Hue for simple and easy one touch control of ambient lighting. 

The room has been decorated in a beautiful deep shade of dark grey for the home cinema side wrapped with luxurious deep velvet lined curtains for full light control and warmth. The office space is decorated in a brighter, modern colour for home working in the post covid era. A perfect combination of work and play!

It is a unique, fun and immersive space for the young family to unwind and share quality time together. 

The performance is superb, delivering enveloping audio and high impact video and is super simple to operate. 

If you are looking for a Home Cinema or Media Room with discreete installtion, please call us anytime on 07584 552243. We love talking Home Cinema Systems!!