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Our client was looking for a no-compromise audio and video solution that would allow them to enjoy the same quality of audio when watching a movie, playing a favourite CD from a substantial collection of over three thousand discs, or perhaps listening to some radio or streamed music. The system had to be simple to operate for the family and be flexible enough to allow for gaming time for a teenage son and for watching sport with friends.

For the audio side, we proposed the outstanding Bowers and Wilkins 802 Diamond loudpeakers, combined with Classe Delta series electronics, based around the firm's touch screen processor and pre-amp, the CP800. Ancillary sources included CD, a vintage Technics turntable, a cassette deck (!) and, of course, blu ray and Apple TV for movie nights.

ADA's Rhapsody Cinema Processor, a referece status no compromise solution, took care of processing film soundtracks and seamless switiching of video sources, ranging from an Oppo BDP-103 to a PS4 and X-Box.

To allow for daytime viewing in a room with an expanse of bi-fold doors and daylight, we installed a 65 inch SONY 4K. As the nights draw in, the client was able to drop down the discreetly hidden screen, fire up the projector and immerse themselves in seven channels of high definition audio and video. all at the touch of a button.

Upon commssion, and after audio and video calibration of the system, the results were breath taking. The system was flexible enough for critical two channel listening when the moment arised, or to enjoy a newly released or perhaps old favourite film. The system was both subtle, dynamic and powerful when the need arose.

The client's verdict? "The system surpassed both mine and the family's expectations. All installed with the minimum amount of fuss, no cabling on show (much to my wife's delight) and easy to operate. Exactly what we wanted and asked for. To be able to enjoy our favourite music, and watch our favourite films in such high quality is a dream come true." 

Our verdict? A sublime, flexible and dynamic system delivered on time and on budget. Success!

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