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A Night At The Movies. At Home.

Do you dream of having a home cinema? From a dedicated spare room to a garage conversion or utilizing an unused space or room, we specify, design and install home cinemas for a wide range of budgets and requirements.

Bring the cinema experience into the comfort of your own home. We can transform a room from sitting room to cinema at the touch of a button so you can have a cinema experience and still keep your lounge. Make your evening in front of the box a bit special with a big screen and surround sound or just make that mass of wires and the multiple remotes disappear.

For the ultimate big screen experience, we can install a video projector alongside the latest Dolby Atmos multi-channel surround sound systems, seating to sink into and lose yourself in your favourite movies.


Forget The Outside World...

We love home cinema! They’re some of the most exciting projects we work on. From custom-built rooms to systems that blend into otherwise ordinary living spaces, it’s always fun to help our clients experience the excitement of the movies in their own homes. With the press of a button, the lights go down and the screen comes to life, taking you to places you could only imagine. And with all the new ways to bring movies to your screen, it’s never been easier to find just what you’re looking for.

Home cinema systems and rooms come in all different shapes and sizes. We have displays for every eventuality that can all be installed to fit with your décor from ultra-slim TV’s, to projection systems of any size. Projectors and screens can drop down magically from the ceiling, TVs can hide in a cabinet, behind a mirror or picture, speakers can blend seamlessly into walls and all of the equipment hides away out of sight. Of course, if you want to proudly display your new equipment, we can help you with that too!



As The Director Intended...

Once installed, we will calibrate your home cinema to get the absolute best out of your system and favourite movies. 

We will finely tune the audio to immerse you into soundtracks and calibrate the video to accurately represent the image that the director intended. Images will appear natural and lifelike, sound will be three dimesnional and powerful.

We will design the control of the system to perfectly meet your lifestyle and requirements. With a custom control system, it’s easy to turn a seemingly ordinary room into a state of the art movie cinema. It will be both simple to operate and intuitive.

Ready for a movie night?

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