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Fast Reliable WiFi? Yes We Can!

The modern home needs fast and reliable Wi-Fi. Home networking solutions have never been more important. The global outbreak of the coronavirus has highlighted even further the need to have a stable, fast and dependable home network and excellent wifi. Home working is now commonplace and online servies and apps such as Zoom & Microsoft Teams, which depend heavily on video, require a solid & internet connection and Wi-Fi.

More devices than ever depend on your Wi-Fi & home network from smart TVs, computers and smart phones to streaming music devices, video devices and home control systems. Just about anything can be connected, but making sure your network is properly installed and configured is critical to reliability and security. We can help!

Out of the box internet routers and badly designed WiFi causes unreliable streaming, slow connections to websites, patchy coverage and frustrating glitches while using the internet from smart phones and tablets. Our Wi-Fi & home networking solutions incorporate the latest technologies to ensure fast, reliable connections throughout the home. We provide only robust solutions, with full home coverage, to make the most of your broadband connection including appropriate access control for guests and younger family members.

Unfortunately, the reality is that Wi-Fi doesn't travel particlarly well around the home.

Walls, chimneys, steel beams, wood, fireplaces and glass can seriously mess up the Wi-Fi in your home and lead to buffering, slow internet connection speeds and may simply not work at all in certain rooms or in your garden. 

We can install carefully considered and located Wi-Fi access points throughout your home, garden and maybe even a garden studio or room that will vastly improve your throughput, output and let you get on with work and life.




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