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What is a calibrated display?

TV's and projectors don’t always meet expectations. Factors such as light levels, screen reflections and environment are difficult to control and images often appear washed out and choppy.  Colours may be over saturated, brightness and contrast set incorrectly and sharpness set too high, making for an “artificial” looking picture.

The difference in picture between an out of the box TV and a calibrated TV can be astonishing. Whites will appear clean and white, blacks will be deeper and colours will be far more accurate. As the director intended.

We can perform a basic set up to allow you to get the best from your TV or projector or we can perform a full video calibration, measuring and adjusting the display to achieve incredible results, to ensure colour, tone and images reproduce the director’s intention's accurately in stunning 4K HDR.

As the director intended...

We calibrate to specific, defined standards, not our perception of what those colours should look like. The specific shade of blue that James Cameron intended should be the exact shade of blue you see what watching Avatar. Christopher Nolan's recently released Batman Triolgy in High Dynamic Range is the result of many months of remastering. Why would you not want to replicate the source as accurately as possible and see what Nolan saw?

A calibrated display will be like an open window into the film. The result will be a more natural, lifelike picture that faithfully represents what the director intended when filming. The display will be less fatiguing to watch, will consume less power and be more energy efficient.


Trained and certified by THX, a globally recognized assurance of uncompromising quality, consistency and performance, we can drastically improve upon the image your display produces by calibrating your TV or projector to reference industry standards using the very best professional test equipment.

It is only with using professional measurement tools that we are able to calibrate with complete accuracy. It is absolutely not possible to perform a video calibration by eye alone. The professional equipment we use includes a Klein K10A Colorimeter, Muridio 4K signal generator, i1Pro Spectrophotometer and Calman Calibration software with bespoke workflows.

We will rigorously calibrate your display to all your sources including blu ray, dvd, gaming and streaming services and upon completetion, give you a THX certificate and plaque to display proudly next to your TV or projector!

Cinehome are certified THX professionals, trained to THX Level II Video Calibration.

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