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Looking for a new Hi-Fi or music system to enjoy your vinyl collection or stream music from Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music and many more or wanting to upgrade your exsiting hi-fi system? Maybe you want good sound but don't want the equipment to take over the room or space? We can help.

For music-lovers and audiophiles alike, we can design and install an audio system that fits into your home discreetly, rather than dominating. Loudspeakers from leading brands including Lyngdorf Audio, Perlisten Audio, Hegel Music Systems, Amphion Loudspeakers, Dali Audio, M&K Sound & KEF can be installed almost invisibly, electronics hidden away out of sight, different music playing in different rooms at the same time all with individual control and all at your fingertips.

Really tiny loudspeakers from Lyngdorf Audio, M&K Sound, Dali & KEF which are designed to be both discreet and high performance, can be wall mounted or simply placed upon existing furniture. Combined with one or two high bandwidth subwoofers from Lyngdorf Audio, Perlisten Audio, Ascendo Audio & SVS and one of the amazing Lyngdorf TDAI-1120 or TDAI-3400 streaming amplifiers and you will produce a full range system that simply outperforms anything in or above its price range.





Steinway Lyngdorf & Lyngdorf Audio Music Systems. Authorised Dealers

Since 2005, Steinway Lyngdorf have been redefining sound reproduction in the home. Steinway Lyngdorf’s integrated system approach delivers solutions for any room and for any requirement. 

Featuring Lyngdorf RoomPerfect, the leading room correction system available on the market today, Most hi-fi products are developed in sonically-ideal listening rooms with optimized dimensions and acoustic treatments. However, in reality, sound systems are installed in authentic living spaces, not sound labs. Your sound system should be perfect in your environment—and we can promise it will be. Lyngdorf RoomPerect will measure the influence your room or space is having on the sound of your music system and adapt and tailor the sound accordingly. 

Lyngdorf RoomPerfect is an intelligent system, which not only identifies the characteristics of the sound of your speakers but also requires specific measurements of your room acoustics. It then applies corrections to the signal over a twenty-minute process that leaves you with sound that’s perfectly adapted for the shape, size, and acoustic properties of your room.

We are able to offer home trials of Lyngdorf Audio products to allow you to hear the difference in your own home. Once you've heard a Steinway Lyngdorf or Lyngdorf Audio system, you'll be hooked. 

Studio Sound at Home

A high quality two channel Hi-Fi system should be an open window into the recording and will allow you to get totally lost in your favourite music, be it from vinyl, CD or streamed. 

We will specify, supply, install and calibrate a beautifully balanced hi-fi system with low distortion and amazing dynamics. All seemlessly integrated into your home.

The room in which a system lives plays a huge role acoustically in the final sound you will hear. Using the latest ground breaking technology from Lyngdorf & Trinnov Audio, we can meaure your room acoustically to exacting standards and apply corrections to reduce smear, echo, improve timing and vastly improve soundstage. The difference Lyngdorf Audio's & Trinnov room correction systems make has to be heard to be believed. They are really that good.

With carefully selected loudpeakers and components from brands including Perlisten Audio, Dali, KEF, Lyngdorf Audio, Steinway Lyngdorf, M&K Sound & many more we can recreate concert standard reproduction from small footprint an floor standing loudpeakers that will take your breath away. 

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