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Video Doorbells

Tired of missing important deliveries, or waiting at home for an order that never seems to come on time and wasting your day? Want to upgrade your home to next-level security and see who's there before you open the door? We have just the solution: a Ring Video Doorbell. Watch over your home in cr
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A night at the movies, at home...

Ever dreamed of having your own cinema at home? Do you have a space in your home that isn't getting as much use as it used to? Maybe the kids have now flown the nest and there's a bedroom or space which you could transform into your own home cinema? One Cambridgeshire client had just such a r
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Fed up with your TV's sound ?

Let's be honest, most modern TV's have great pictures but are really let down by the quality of their sound. TV's have got thinner and thinner meaning the tiny speakers inside them simply don't have the space they need to produce anything like the punch, clarity and bass that would hugely improve
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Sonos - brilliant sound anywhere

We are frequently contacted by clients who have heard about music streaming from friends or family and want to know the simplest way of understanding the myriad of options and music streaming services available in a simple, jargon-free and clear way.  Another concern that comes up again and a
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Why we calibrate

So, why do we calibrate a display? Surely manufacturers ship their televisions and projectors from the factory with the optimal settings necessary for critical viewing? Well, the answer is unfortunately they don't. Out of the box factory settings can fall well short of what is required to accurate