Home Portfolio Elite Standard Dolby Atmos 7.4.4 Media Demonstration Room featuring Ascendo Audio, Trinnov Audio & Perlisten Audio

This is our brand new Home Cinema / Music Demonstration Space. The space is equipped to demonstrate all the brands we sell, from Ascendo Audio to Perlisten Audio and Trinnov and more. The room features an Ascendo Audio on-wall loudspeaker system and on-ceiling Dolby Atmos Loudspeakers powered by Trinnov amplification and processing. Images are supplied courstey of a JVC NZ7 Laser Projector. 

The space is also designed to showcase two channel hi-fi systems from Lyngdorf Audio, Hegel Music systems, Amphion Loudspeakers and Emotiva Amplification. In fact any combination of products is possibel due to the unique way the space has been designed.

We have a full suite of client facilities including EV charging and parking. 

Please contact us on 07584 552243 to arrange a demonstration and discuss your next system upgrades or home cinema system. We are open for deomstrations seven days a week.