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For coming utp to twenty years, Lyngdorf Audio have pioneered some of the developments in the science of sound and innovated in the area of room correction, boundary woofers, amplifier technology and usability. Lyngdorf Audio products are beautifully designed, with clean scandinavian design clues and details. 

From the pioneering and iconic Millennium amplifier through to sophisticated home cinema processors and Lyngdorf's own room correction system called RoomPerfect, one of the leading room correction systems avaiable on the market, Lyngdorf Audio strive to continually improve, develop and innovate in all areas, never standing still. 

Taking an audio engineering approach, Lyngdorf Audio's ethos has always been to implement technologies which are tested, proven, and supported by hard facts.

Lyngdorf Audio technologies are there for a reason – to make an audible and measurable difference. Despite their advanced technologies, Lyngdorf Audio components are among the easiest to install in the audio market. They are also built to last, imbued with a strength and longevity unseen in competing products.

All Lyngdorf Audio components share the technologically advanced DNA of the legendary Steinway Lyngdorf product line, with the additional benefit of flexible connectivity and the ability to be combined with other audio and video component brands as you wish.

We have the full range of Lyngdorf Audio amplifiers, from the TDAI-1120 Streaming Amplifier to the powerful and flexible TDAI-3400. The Lyngdorf MP range of home cinema processors is also on demonstration, powered through to the loudspeakers by the new MXA-8400 8 channel power amplifier, featuring Purifi technologies.

We also have Lyngdorf Audio on-wall loudspakers and boundary woofers available for demonstration, not forgetting the beautiful Lyngdorf CD-2 CD Player. It is a stunning range across all levels.