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We are authorised UK Trinnov Audio Dealers and most importantly, we are tarined and certified by Trinnov Audio. We have in-depth experience of Trinnov Altitude 16 and Altitude 32 Home Cinema Processors, featuring the incredible Trinnov Audio Optimiser. With it's roots in the recording studio, the Optimiser uses a bespoke Trinniv 3D Microphone measures your home cinema, home theatre, media room or two channel listening space and applies it's own proprietary digital correction to the signal to better understand and the behavior of the loudspeakers in the space in which it's measuring. The Optimiser uses exteremely advanced enginnering technology and produces the finest results possible.

Trinnov also manufacture Multi Channel power amplifiers to partner the Altitude range of home cinema processors, from the Amplitude 8, Ampliutude 8M to the Amplitude 16 which we are proud to have on permanent demonstration. 

Trinnov Audio have recently announed key further advancements to help effectively deal with and solve the issue of room modes which spoil the sound you hear and produce muddy, slow and uneven bass repsonse in your home cinema system. Waveforming uses an array of subwoofers working out of phase with each other to kill room mdoes and deliver a perfect experience in every seat of your home cinema system. 

Book you Trinnov Audio demonstration today and experienece the all of the magic that Trinnov Audio delivers.